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DDA is wonderful! The infant teachers love my daughter like she's their own. The pre-k teachers are phenomenal instructors and so patient with my son. Patti is a true gem. The is daycare is always responsive to parent feedback and I love all the extracurricular activities they do for the kids. Very happy here!
Stacey V.

Our (almost 2yo) daughter has been going to DDA for the last 1.5 years. My daughter seems to enjoy it. Patti is wonderful - always very sweet, friendly, and very helpful. I also love the occasional updates from her on what my daughter did or said that day. The hours are very convenient for our work schedules.
Naomi M.


My son goes there. And I love it there. He is learning so much. The staff is wonderful. Always finding different activities for the kids.
Jessica L.

Prior to finding DDA in August 2018, my husband and I had been at a crossroads with our previous daycare facility. We knew it was time to switch and it finally took seeing the grand opening sign while running errands to make the leap. On our tour with Linda and Patti, everyone was so kind and loving to our sweet girl and that was so comforting.

We couldn't be happier with the development of our daughter at DDA. The staff is fantastic and attentive to every child. The curriculum is top notch and easy to apply at home with your child. They recently established a Parent Advisory Board to garner feedback from parents to elevate the daycare to an even higher level.

Patti and the team are phenomenal and we are so fortunate that we were able to find such a quality facility so close to our home.

Severina W



Great staff. Flexible hours. Online payments. Great communication through email and text. They use frog street curriculum. My daughter absolutely loves it. Good inside and outside play time. They offer a wide variety of classes for the appropriate age. Very helpful for working parents!

Stephanie W



Patti is AMAZING! Our daughter started with Patti at her home as an infant for several months then moved to Dallas Daycare Academy to the mobile infant room. We have felt at home and appreciate all the love and energy from Patti and her staff. Our daughter is now in the toddler room and still enjoys playing at the playground upon pick-up with her baby friends. Patti sends pictures throughout the day with updates which makes being away from our sweet baby a little easier. Our daughter comes home with a summary sheet of her day which includes notes on activities, skills, schedule and if supplies are running low. We feel at home with Patti and we couldn't ask for a more loving and energetic caregiver!

Ashley H



Very good work environment and camaraderie. the owners are very good people, honest and respectable, there is a special atmosphere of love and teaching for children. I love this school is the best place to work with children.

Brenda M



I moved to California and recently opened my own Daycare, I have to admit that I miss working in DDA as a team with my old co-workers who were very nice with me. Dallas Daycare and Development and Dallas Daycare Academy run by its owner Patricia G, gave me all the motivation, support, experience and knowledge to be who I am today and the opportunity to open my own daycare business. It was such a blessing to work with them! Thank you!!!

Lizz S


My 12 week old started with Patti in her in home daycare (which was wonderful care) and was only there for a few months until they opened DDA in March 2018. At that time, we moved her over to the center as we also had our 2yo son attend once the center opened. We, unfortunately, were only with Patti and team through the end of the year and then we were relocated.
When leaving the kids each day, I always felt confident that they were in great care. This business is family run with Patti at the forefront, as they grew their business (from in home to a center), it was important to them that they had staff that cared and loved the children as their own. I felt fortunate that my two littles had great teachers that went above and beyond for them. My kids came home having learned so much every day, many times, my toddler would not want to leave at the end of the day. They also speak almost all Spanish to the kids all day long, which was also something unique compared to many full time childcare centers and my son could understand and speak it, which I loved. I have yet to find a new childcare center that offers that now in our new city without having to pay a premium or drive quite far for it. I think they are just barely open a year now as DDA (however, years of experience with children prior to DDA with the in home care). They had growing pains, as many new businesses do, but they always have had the best interest of the children as their top priority. This family, and the staff, want this center to succeed, it is their passion to take care of our little ones (great, loving, and educational care) and fill a very large need in the Northwest Dallas community. Good childcare is hard to find, DDA is definitely worth exploring.

Lisa B.


My son has received quality care and daily learning instruction since he started in the infants room. DDA is a professional environment with the warmth of a family, from the office into the classrooms. I am so grateful I found this daycare!

Kate M.


Our daughter started at Patti's (the owner) in-home daycare when she was just 10 weeks old. We knew daycare would be a challenge because she rarely took a bottle, didn't nap well, and needed to be held A LOT. Patti and her team made the transition so easy for us.
In September 2018, Patti closed the in-home daycare and moved the babies to the Academy. Another seamless transition! They made it as easy on us as it could have been. As much as we loved the in-home daycare, the academy is also amazing! Everything is very streamlined and orderly. The best things is how much the teachers and other team members love the kiddos. We are four-ish months in at the academy and very pleased!

Sabrina W


As a first time parent, daycare was a struggle for me. The day before my daughter’s first day in daycare, I was in tears, all day. The morning my husband and I dropped her off, I didn’t shed a tear. Patti and Angela made me feel like my daughter was in safe hands and would be well cared for. And she was, and has been ever since. Patti would point out signs of teething or symptoms of illness that I might not have recognized as a first time mom, and has always addressed any concerns that I might have in a very timely manner. My daughter has recently started to fuss when I pick her up from daycare. The first time it happened, I was honestly crushed. I had to remind myself of how fortunate I am to have found a caregiver who loves my daughter, and that my daughter loves also. You don’t find that everywhere. And while it may bruise my ego, I am thankful for their bond, and for the reassurance that my daughter is getting excellent care and is happy.

They recently started the Frog Street curriculum at the daycare. My daughter is 11 months and is completing tasks and activities deemed appropriate for her age group. Patti and Angela often send photos of the kids engaging in these activities, and I can tell that they are enjoying them. They are also introducing Spanish language in words and song, and it’s surprising how quickly the young ones pick it up. My husband and I speak very little Spanish, but with the daycare’s help we are trying to reinforce some of the lessons that she is learning while there. We notice that she is very attentive when Spanish words are used, and smiles when we sing some of the songs that Patti sings to her.

Patti and her staff have made my life a little bit easier, knowing that my daughter is well cared for when I can’t be there to take care of her. I’m so thankful for this group of people and the love that they show my daughter. I already rave about them to my friends and family, and would highly recommend them to anyone that was looking for care for their little one.

Ashlee B.

We are so thankful we found Patti, and she had an opening for our son when my husband was changing jobs. The place he worked had a daycare onsite, so we had to find something new and closer to home. The love Patti shows the children in her care is very strong. The other women who work for her, Angela and Lize, show the same affection and truly care for all the children with big hearts. They put all their effort into making this a safe, caring and educational place for children.

The facility is a garage converted to an apartment, so there is a bedroom, bathroom, living area and small kitchen/dining area. It seemed a little small when I first visited, but it works well for the number of children she cares for. There is a covered patio and nice sized backyard they play in as well.

I love the diverse and bilingual nature of Patti’s daycare. It’s been great for me to practice my Spanish with my son. He sings songs to our new daughter in Spanish, and it is so sweet. At the daycare, they work on various activities in the morning as well as let them burn energy outside playing. They read a lot in both Spanish and English, and they also work on cognitive and behavioral skills. My son brings home work and art projects and is so excited about what he has done. Patti and Angela often send pictures of what they are working on, and it brightens my day to see them. He usually doesn’t want to leave because he’s having so much fun when we come to pick him up.
Patty cooks many of the meals herself from scratch which is hard to find in today’s world. My son loves what she makes!

My only drawback is the hours. When I first contacted them, her husband said hours were 7:30am until 6:00pm. I travel often for my job, so the hours worked well for our schedule. Shortly after starting, Patty asked if we could make pick up by 5:30pm, and I expressed my concern that many days we’d be able to do so but could not guarantee it all the time. Patty understood and I thought everything stayed the same.

A couple months ago, there was a meeting about the new daycare they are opening at a church close by. Their goal is to keep the home daycare for infants and the new daycare will be for older infants who are walking and toddlers. My original anticipation was both my children would go to the new facility. A discussion came up regarding being able to put both children by 6:00 from two locations on days where heavy traffic may cause us to be close to the cutoff. Her husband mentioned it should be easy to get to the home daycare by 5:30 and then go on to the new facility by 6:00. No one had communicated that they changed the pickup time from 6:00 to 5:30, so I was a bit surprised. This coupled with the recent price increases at the home facility and an even greater expected expense at the new facility could necessitate looking for a place that has longer hours for the cost.

Aspen B.

We love Patty and her staff is wonderful too. Dallas Daycare and Development was recommended to us by moms in our local PTA group. My son started going when he was about 3 months old and they were great with him right from the start. Patti and Angela are so loving with my little boy, it makes going to work so much easier. He's happy to see them every morning and in a good mood when I pick him up. They've helped my son meet all his developmental milestones so far and I couldn't be happier! The location is inviting and makes me feel at home. It is also clean and clearly safe for children. I trust Patti and her staff with my little one and highly recommend them to others.

Meredith J.

My son has been with Patricia for almost a year and I couldn't ask for a better daycare! She and Angela treat my son as if he were family and all the activities they do with the class are just the cutest! He has learned so much with them in English as well as some Spanish. We are incredibly blessed we found this daycare. There are so many wonderful things to say about Patti and the daycare that I couldn't possibly say everything in this review.

Cynthia M.

Dallas Daycare and Development is a hidden Midway Hollow daycare gem! My two year old daughter started attending a little over a year old to help prep her for Mother's Day Out at a local preschool. Never did I imagine she would be a leader in her class. Through Patti, my daughter is able to accomplish tasks that are much more advanced for her. She makes learning a fun adventure through music, puzzles, and both fine and gross motor skill activities. Did I mention the children also learn Spanish?? Patti lovingly and gently starts teaching them Spanish. My daughter was incredibly receptive!!! And as far as infants and young toddlers each one is given so much attention while also having the opportunity to be exposed to others for early learning interaction. I always scratch my head when picking up my daughter because Patti and the other caretakers have every child quiet and happy!! Bottom line is that this daycare is a wonderful environment for infants to toddlers!!!! It is a daycare to Pre-k dream!!

Jacqueline B.


I have been taking my daughter here since she was 8 weeks old, she is now 14 months. We love it here so much and they are like family to us. Patti makes it very easy, convenient and worry free. We couldn't have found a better daycare!

Leah D.



When I first visited with Patti about potentially using her for drop-in care, my daughter bonded with her. We visited for about 30 minutes, and by the end of the visit, I couldn't get my daughter to leave very easily. On her first day of drop in care, she was a little hesitant, but at the end of the day, she was her usual happy self. On the last day my daughter visited, I couldn't get her to leave! She wanted to play with Patti's daughters and all the outdoor toys. I trust my daughter's reactions to care providers, and I trust Patti.

Patty's house has an in-law suite dedicated for use as the daycare. It is self-contained, with one door to the main house, which I believe the children do not enter. Entry to the daycare is in the backyard, and there is a small kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom available for the children, plus the spacious backyard with toys. The inside is well organized and tidy, with mats, cribs, toys, games, and puzzles, and a short table with small chairs for the littles. The whole suite is clean, but bathroom is very clean. She also has hired help, so when other responsibilities come up or the family goes on vacation, the daycare remains open.

Additionally, Patti accepted my daughter while she wore cloth diapers, and she transported her to and from my daughter's preschool. My daughter also understands some Spanish, in part to Patty, and said "hola" and "gracias" to my complete amazement. I also appreciated that Patti would text me pictures and short videos of my daughter during their activities. Such little gestures made my day.

The only thing that stopped me from switching to Patti full time was my commute for work. On occasion, it's fine to be late to work or leave early, but it was not possible to switch to full-time.

Beverly H.



The other reviewers have spoken the truth. Patti is a wonderful and amazing caregiver who truly did love my son as her own when he was in her care. He is now a big boy about to graduate preschool, but he started going to Patti's when he was only a few months old and Patti's daughter was the same age. The daycare was always clean, safe, and bright, and the children are engaged and happy. I had complete peace of mind when my son was with her.

Lisa M.



Our son has been in Patti's care for the past four years. During that time, we observed his development - both cognitive and social - and were very happy with the care he received. Although the kids have plenty of recreation time, Patti also fills their days with many learning activities such as worksheets, singing, and dancing, as well as take-home art projects. Our son became quite fluent in Spanish as well as learning the alphabet in two languages by the age of two thanks to Patti. She also was instrumental in assisting us with successfully potty training our son at the age of two.

Patti was extremely considerate when she would periodically send videos and pictures of our son while he was in her care. As we both work full-time, it was a nice touch to receive those little mementos of our child.

Patti was wonderful with our son and he misses her greatly now that he has entered into preschool. If you are looking for childcare, please consider Patti. She will love and care for your child as if he/she were one of her own.

Amy M.



Patricia Gray is one of the most loving and attentive caregivers I could have ever hoped to care for my child. She cared for my son and my nephew from infancy to toddler years before opening her own daycare and I could not feel more blessed for her role in his life. She is patient, kind, happy, trustworthy, engaging and attentive. You should definitely visit her as you look at options as it was a very positive and memorable experience.

Andrea G.



As a parent, you can only hope to find a place that takes care of your kids as well as you do. Patti goes beyond that with her love and patience.

The children get to socialize and learn with others while still receiving individual attention. Patti also helps in teaching them to be bilingual! It's great to see how quickly they catch on. My favorite part about this place, is that I receive pictures throughout the day of my child having fun and doing learning activities. That picture means a lot when you're having a hard day at work.

The daycare is an add on to the house, so it is separate from their everyday living space. It even has it's own bathroom and kitchen. They also have a nice backyard for the kids to run and play. The daycare is also affordable. I was a single mom worrying about the places that I could afford and how they would treat my daughter. You get the best of both worlds with this daycare.

*Special side note: My daughter has ADHD and some sensory processing issues. I didn't know this 2 years ago, so of course she was having issues at her previous daycares. But that all changed when I found Patti. She was patient, loving, and kind to my daughter. It was great to see someone who cared for her, like I do.

Ashleigh C.


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