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About Us

Dallas Daycare Academy Owners

Linda Rogers is the President and Executive Director of Dallas Daycare Academy. She has been involved in the education area for about 8 years. She has worked with education leaders in the Dallas ISD for several years; she has taken child development and early education courses at Brookhaven College and other schools; and she and her husband had a scholarship foundation for several years. Previously, Linda had a 40-year career in the financial services and technology industries where she held executive management roles and started a couple of technology companies. She has a B.A. degree in Math and a M.A.S. degree in Computer Science and was in the M.B.A program at S.M.U. She has also attended Brookhaven College, with coursework in child development and early education.

Patricia (Patti) Gray is Co-Owner and Co-Director with responsibility for care and teacher services at Dallas Daycare Academy. Patty hand-picks and trains caregivers dedicated to the difficult job of loving children as if their own. Patti has worked in Daycare since 2007 and started her own Home Daycare in 2011. Her state licensed Daycare was the highest rated home daycare in North Dallas and stayed full with a waiting list. In late 2016, she and her husband David began working on opening a larger facility, and asked Linda to join them. Patti came to the U.S. about 14 years ago from Guatemala where she was a small business owner.

David Gray is Vice President and Operations Manager. In addition to starting and managing the home daycare business with Patti, David previously was an owner of a home remodeling business, an auto repair business, and a couple of sales businesses.

Following are photos of Patti and David and their daughters, starting with when they started the home daycare in 2011.

David, Marisa, Patti and Camila - Christmas 2016

David and Patti with first daughter Camila - in December 2010 -
right before they started the home daycare.